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Bird Spikes Introduction

Anti-Roosting Bird Spikes prevent pigeons from perching on your property without hurting them. Defender8™ pigeon spikes are the industry standard method of protecting your property. Pigeon deterrent spikes are recommended by the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) and PICAS (The Pigeon Control AdvisoryService).

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This professional quality pigeon deterrent system is now available, direct to the public, in mail order DIY packs and comes with a wonderful free instructional CD.

Pigeon spikes are simply glued on to any window, pipe or ledge where pigeons sit; the dense pattern of the protruding pins make it impossible for pigeons to land – moving them elsewhere without hurting them.

Both the steel and plastic pigeon spike systems are virtually invisible once installed and provide the ultimate pigeon deterrent.

“Our pigeon spikes have recently been used on St. Paul’s Cathedral, Natwest & Barclays Bank, Sainsbury’s, the windows and pipe work on Mrs Edwards house in Watford, the Oval Cricket Ground, the sign above Mr Vardy’s shop in Hackney and many, many more.“ View our recent pigeon spike testimonials

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  • Orders placed beforer 3pm, we always dispatch same day.
  • Every order comes with a free instructional CD
  • Great discounts are available for orders of 50 metres or more.
  • see some pictures of the pigeon spikes installed.
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Defender8™ Pigeon Spikes Plastic
Durable all polycarbonate pigeon spikes which have the added advantage of being ultra violet stabilised, fully protecting them from the sun’s rays.
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Free Instructional CD with every order

picture of Defender8™ Bird Spikes SteelBuy Now
Defender8™ Bird Spikes Steel
The same durable base but with 4 rows of stainless steel pins protruding at 4 different angles. Works just as well as the plastic version; however, in some situations this pigeon deterrent is slightly less visible than the all plastic spike.

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Free Instructional CD with every order

Picture of Gutter Ataching Clips
Gutter Clips
Pigeons in your gutters? Please visit our sister site for our full range of products.

Pigeon spikes are very simple to install, all orders come with our CD installation guide. Spikes are simply fixed onto any ledge where pigeons might sit. Spikes are sold by the metre and each row will protect ledges up to 8 inches (200mm) wide. If your ledge is greater than 8 inches, you may need 2 or more rows.

Free Instructional CD with every order

Seagull Deterrent

Have a problem with seagulls?
Visit our sister company who specialise in seagull spikes and other seagull deterrents.

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