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About Us

In 1995, we invented and patented the “Defender8™” anti pigeon spikes. In 1996, my wife and I set up “Defender8™” to supply the spikes to pest-control companies. Over the next 6 years our spikes became the industry-standard method of protecting buildings from pigeon problems.

In 2003, we decided to open up the sale of the spikes to everyone and last year we delivered over 1 million strips. Today, Kursty and I continue to be very involved in the day-to-day running of the company, and still get very excited about every pigeon removal question or order we receive.

Harry, Alice, and Olivia occasionally come in and help at the weekends; Harry’s pretty good at packing boxes. Alice is great at decorating boxes. Olivia’s fantastic at sleeping in boxes.

Some key points to remember:

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