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Installation Guide - Pest Control Pigeons

1 Picture showing how spikes scare pigeons Spikes do not hurt birds – they simply prevent pigeons from landing. They are approved by and used by many Local Borough Councils. Jones & Son are the only Spike supplier recommended by PICAS (Pigeon Control Advisory Service).

If you've got a "pest control pigeons" question click here and we'll get back to you within 2hrs. Test us, if we fail we'll send you a large bar of chocolate.

See photos of pigeon spikes installed.
2 picture of how to clean pigeon droppings All areas that you intend to stick the spikes onto should be cleared, ensuring that they’re clean, dry, and free from pigeon droppings.
3 How to apply pigeon spike fixing silicone Squeeze the pigeon spike fixing silicone generously onto the base of the spike (about as thick as your little finger - approx 10mm), thicker if the surface of the ledge is uneven.
4 Picture of pigeon spike on a ledge Stick the base of the spike level with the edge of the pipe or ledge, so that there’s a slight overhang of the spike pins. Press the base down firmly so that the glue oozes out through the little holes.
5 Picture of how to install two (2) rows of pigeon spikes If the gap behind the first spike is greater than 5cm, pigeons will get in behind. It will therefore be necessary to put another row of spikes into this space to block it.
6 Picture of three (3) rows of pigeon spikes on a wide ledge For very wide ledges, 3 or more rows of spikes will be necessary. Note: make sure the gap between rows is no greater 5cm.
7 Picture showing how spikes can be snapped Grooves along the base of the spike enable them to snap into segments to fit small gaps.
8 Picture showing how to block pigeon entry hole

Very important:Spikes will stop pigeons from sitting on a ledge; however they do not scare pigeons, if there is a hole in the eaves, or a cavity in the house behind the spikes, pigeons will invariably force their way past the spikes in an effort to get into the hole or space behind. Every effort should be made to block access to this hole or space - for example, using wire mesh. Simply putting a spike in front of the hole will not stop the pigeon from forcing its way into the hole.
*Please note before blocking the hole you should ensure that no pigeons may be trapped. If you discover any pigeons please contact your local PICAS office at the following email address for assistance:

9 Picture of spikes on a pipe Every effort should be made to spike all possible landing sites. Pigeons can land on even the smallest piece of ledge or pipe. Snap spikes into pieces to finish off rows or spike small areas of pipes, etc.
10 Picture showing how a ladder can damage spikes Window cleaners, builders with their ladders, scaffolders, painters and decorators have a habit of breaking the spikes. Warn them not to damage the spikes whilst working. If a spike is knocked off or damaged, replace it as soon as possible.
11 Pictures of spikes used on guttering

Pigeons in your gutters?

Clips are now available — they clip onto the bottom of the spike then simply push over the outer rim of the gutter. Gutter Clips and Spikes are designed so there is no risk of gutter blockage.

Health and Safety

Pigeon droppings could affect your health. Wear suitable protective clothing for example, a dust mask, gloves and overalls. If you intend to use ladders to access the area requiring treatment, only do so if you are sure it’s stable, and always make sure you have a second person with you to ‘foot’ (hold) the bottom of the ladder securely.

Before you start work, assess the job to make sure you can do it safely without hurting yourself or others. If you have any doubts at all, why not get a quote from someone who can do the job safely.

If you don’t feel confident about doing the job, please send your unused spikes back for a full refund - no questions asked. Better safe than sorry!

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