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Pigeon Spikes Installed


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Here we have a group of pigeons perching on a wall; on the next picture below you can see how the installation of the pigeon control spikes has created a physical barrier, preventing the pigeons from returning without hurting them.

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Defender8™ steel installed on a wall that is 8" (200mm) wide. If the wall is much wider, say 10" 0r 12" (250mm or 300mm) it would have been necessary to install an extra row of bird spikes.

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Just a single piece of bird spike was enough to protect the top of this cctv camera. The strip itself is 1/3 metre long & will protect a ledge that is up to 200mm (8") wide.

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Here the top of the air conditioning unit was over 8" (200mm) wide so it was necessary to install 2 separate rows of pigeon spikes.

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For flat roofs & other large ledges it may be necessary to stick down 3 or more rows of pigeon control spikes. You will notice that you can leave a
2 1/2" (65mm) gap in between rows.

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Because of the warmth offered by this spot light, the pigeon had made this a permanent overnight roosting spot. The top of the light was only 16" (400mm) wide so it would have been possible to stick down just 2 rows of spikes, but for peace of mind 3 rows were installed.
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