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Pictures of pigeon control spikes installed in the UK. Ask us a question - 2hr response

Below you will find wonderful testimonials from customers who have purchased our bird pest control products.

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Elaine Toms, Exeter We have had problems with pigeons for many years, your product has certainly helped reduce the numbers. I just need to convince the rest of my block to order and install some.

Jonathon Peters, Stoke on Trent Great product, worked a treat

Andy Grifith, Reading Ordered Thursday, Received Friday, Installed Saturday, No pigeon Sunday!

Mrs Edwards, Bristol My kind neighbour put me on to you and he even helped install them. Thank you for the clear instructions and my now clear house.

John Tiernan, London Finally something to stop those pesky pigeons from sitting on my window ledges!

Peter Liashenko, Hawaii I already ordered 30 feet after I recieve them I will show the product to the building manager to buy more because hawaii has a big problem with bird nesting thank you for inventing this product health and safety may god bless you people aloha from hawaii

Scott Mullin, Minnesota Thank you very much for your wonderful product ! We built a beautiful new building here in the Twin Cities and the pigeons fell in love right away. They were sitting on bothe our large parapets on the roof as well as some of our signage doing what pigeons do best... wreaking things! I purchased your 8" stainless strips applied them as per directions, with some skepticism I may add. No more pigeons! Again, thank you very much. I will let others know about your fine product!

Rafael Gomez I received the product more than a week ago, and since then the pigeon plague is gone. Thanks very much.

Peter Taylor, Newcastle Super work. The pigeon spikes were easy to install and the pigeons themselves have moved on. Unfortunately they have moved onto the other side of the building. I will be ordering more anti roosting spikes.

Sarah Tucker, Exeter Its wonderful, I no longer have to clean my doorstep everyday!

Colin Smith, Sheffield Good website, good product, good job done. Thanks

Andrea Slack, Peterborough Although my pigeon problem is a relatively new one, the spikes appear to have done the job and hopefully I have nipped it in the bud.

Brian Tomlinson, Grimsby Harmony, no more hassle from the wife who had complained regularly since the aerial was put up over the front door and pigeons moved in. It's been 3 weeks now and she hasn't found anything else to nag about!

Gita McCarthy, Shropshire The spikes worked on my window ledges and the pigeons have moved however they now sit on the pipework. It would have been nice if you made it clearer that pigeons may move to other areas of the same property.

Edith Newson, Milton Keynes The delivery man tried to deliver the pigeon spikes to me several times while I was out so I did not receive them as quickly as you promised which was irritating however now that they are up the pigeons have gone.

Harvey Thompson, Cardiff I've been trying to sell my house for months but the pigeon noise and crap has definately put off many a buyer. I found your website, installed the spikes easily myself and it now looks like I have finally sold the house. Sunny Spain here I come!

Simon Faulhaber, Scotland You guys are great, can't speak more highly of your products and service.

Matt Gray, Sheffield You were recommended by my neighbour, best bit of advise I ever received over the garden wall!

Rod English, Merseyside I needed my pigeon problem sorting immediately. The speed of your delivery was just what i was looking for and of course the spikes worked perfectly.

Suzie, Manchester Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have answered my prayers. No more pigeons, peace at last.

Lukie Hewat, London Just praise for your excellent service. Instructions clear, spikes easy to install. My balcony is clean and dropping free.

Martin Gates, Reading Product said exactly what you said it would do. Excellent - the birds are seriously peeved off! No more bird droppings on my patio from the TV aerial.

Ken Oehlrich, Frinton-on-sea I have used your product before and have been very satisfied with the service, delivery and ease of installation.

Claire Van Tonder, Northampton Fast delivery, knowledgeable staff and even i installed the spikes easily. Fewer complaints from tenants so makes life at work more peaceful.

Ian Crocker, Guildford At last a decent night's sleep zzzzzzzzz

Cliffird Lee, NW11 I found your pigeon spikes easy to install. It's nice to find a product that does as it says.

Alex, London For 3 years i've been trying to keep pigeons away but no success. Once the spikes were in place the problems have been solved immediately.

Edward Onofrio, California. Just wanted to let you know that you have a fabulous website. All aspects of your spikes were explained clearly.

John Gatland, Deal. Your service was very good especially as i was a first time customer, delivery was great and we've not had a single pigeon back.

David King, Bude. I had seen the spikes used in the London Underground stations. They solved a big problem for us, keeping doves and keeping a holiday chalet area clear of droppings.

Daniel Leek, Florida, USA. Thank you for the fast shipping and great products you supply for detering pigeons. This is the first weekend i will not be cleaning pigeon droppings from my buildings sidewalks.

Mr P. Waterhouse, Blackpool. Simple to call and get advice. Got delivery, simple to install and at last a lie in of a morning. Less stress, less mess. Sounds corny but it is true. No scaring them off at 7.00am, now a lie in!!

J. Atkih, Oldham Very easy to install, pigeon free premises.

New Orleans, Louisiana Relatively easy, very effective, amazing. You've helped rebuild New Orleans. Thank you very much, Michael Collins.

Larry Ladbrook, Chelmsford. I was impressed by your knowledge, advice, speed of delivery. I found them easy to install with the correct ladder. They have been extrememly effective. I have already recommended Jones & Son and their products. The loft is now bird free, i am now 130 poorer! but worth every penny.

IMK Construction Ltd, Ashingdon, Essex I love the efficiency of the service, you solved all my problems overnight. My clients have been very pleased with the results.

Manchester Although i did not install them the builder said they where simple to fix. The spikes in place mean that i am not woken up at 5 AM every morning

J Lyle, Edinburgh Dear Mr Jones, As discussed I enclose the Independent on Sunday Review magazine which lists your pigeon spikes as one of the 50 great ideas for the 21st century. It is very kind of you to supply spikes to my Mum who is at her wits end over these pesky pigeons. I am also going to write to her local council to suggest they try the spikes on the some of their properties where pigeons are a bother. With very best wishes for your success, Joan.

John, St Albans We have recently received our fifth delivery. Each and every time we have put forward an order we have received excellent attention and delivery has been very prompt.

Mr Manley, Rhyl Helpful telephone advice, fast delivery, very useful advice with instructions of application and uses on the CD along with paper instructions.

R. Gilder, Thornton Heath What a pleasure to buy a British made product that works perfectly. The spikes were easy to fit, and the job was completed surprising quickly. Thank you for an over-all good service.

Mrs D. Cowley, Coventry Phoned in my order, quick & easy ordering. Order was with me in a couple of days, could not have been easier, very impressed.

Damian, Liverpool Your website was excellent. I found the relevant information quickly and felt the site was well thought out. I was especially impressed by the next day delivery. The anti-roosting spikes are effective. I also liked your CD, it was very useful and reflected a level of customer care that many businesses should adopt.

Pall, Iceland I want to thank you for a very good and quick service - the order was sent to you on Thursday and the goods was in my hands next Monday. I must say we are very happy with your service.

Mr Thornton, Wilts Thank you for giving me the time to explain my situation and go over various options that best suited my own circumstances. I was really excited when I received my order and with the clear instruction guide the bird spikes were installed by the afternoon. The whole family instantly benefited from watching the birds in the trees rather than roosting on my conservatory.

Alan, Worksop Received my order, just wanted to say thanks for such an excellent service.

Dave, Ipswich Many thanks for your prompt and informative reply. In these days of select the nearest standard response e-mail that most customer service departments adopt, it is great to get a personalised reply that actually addresses the question asked.

Kevin Webster, Harley House Thank you for your prompt supply of bird spikes, we were very surprised as they were ordered yesterday afternoon and received 08.00am this morning if all my other suppliers were half as prompt and efficient as your company i would be a happy man. Thank you once again.

Mrs Smith Thanks for the speedy reply, the spikes are doing their job superbly!


Picture of pigeon spikes installed on house
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Picture of pigeon spikes installed on gutter
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Picture of pigeon spikes installed on window ledge
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Picture of pigeon spikes installed on ridge
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